Nuala Moore

Nuala Moore is an Irish open-water and ice swimmer. She has gained international acclaim for her extraordinary feats in some of the world's most formidable waters. Her memoir, Limitless: From Dingle to Cape Horn, Finding my True North in the Earth’s Vastest Oceans (2023), is a testament to her remarkable journey from the quaint town of Dingle to the vast expanses of the chilliest oceans.

Nuala Moore was raised in Dingle. Her earliest memories are intertwined with the sea, beginning with childhood swims off her father's fishing boat. Her passion for water led her to pursue marathon swimming, achieving impressive feats such as a relay swim around the coast of Ireland and a challenging solo swim across Lake Zurich.

Moore holds two Guinness World Records for extreme swims, notably as part of the international relay team that accomplished the daunting swim from Russia to the USA across the Bering Strait.

She was also the first to navigate the treacherous Drake Passage, where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans converge. Her commitment to the sport extends to enhancing safety procedures and promoting open-water swimming in Ireland, where she has been a pivotal figure since 2000.

In her memoir Limitless, Moore shares more than just her swimming exploits. The book is a heartfelt narrative of her internal struggles and achievements, revealing how her extreme swims in icy and perilous waters served as a pathway to personal liberation and self-realization.

Photo credit: Twitter @numoorepain
years of life: 28 November 1986 present
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