Amy Schoeman

Amy Schoeman is a British-born lawyer, photographer, and author who grew up in Namibia. Schoeman has several non-fiction books, including Skeleton Coast, Notes on Nature, Tones and Textures, and Kolmanskop — past and present. Her first novel, This is Not a Flowerpot, was published in 2013.

Published fiction includes a short story in Impressions of Independence — Six Namibian Stories; a short story short-listed in the Ian St James Awards competition and published in the ACCLAIM magazine; and an anthology of short stories, Mirage & other stories.

Amy Johanna Schoeman was born in Woking (Surrey), England. In 1945, after the end of the Second World War, she arrived in South West Africa with her emigrating parents, where she attended St. George's Diocesan School in Windhoek.

After the family moved to South Africa, she studied law at the University of Stellenbosch. After spending several years in Europe, she settled in Windhoek. Schoeman shifted her focus to her real passion, photography, in 1977 as a staff photographer and editor for the Department of Nature Conservation and Tourism SWA/Namibia.

From 1982 to 1985, Amy Schoeman was the department head of public relations. In 1977 she met her future husband, Louw Schoeman, on a photo flight over Namib and soon shared his interest and commitment to conservation, especially that of the Skeleton Coast.

Since 1985 Amy Schoeman has been a freelance writer and photographer, contributing to various book projects and writing numerous articles. Amy Schoeman is a member of PPSA (Professional Photographers of Southern Africa) and Fine Art Photography and is one of the best photographers in Southern Africa.

In recent years she has turned to writing short stories, women's fiction, and plays, one of which was performed at the National Theatre of Namibia in 2009 at the Bank Windhoek Arts Festival.
years of life: 3 July 1941 present
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