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  • Alexander Simonhas quoted2 years ago
  • b6380730596has quoted7 months ago
    l air of dissipation which would have made his own person the fitting object of a Scotland Yard investigation. He was immensely tickled by his own adventures, and laughed heartily as he recounted them
  • Наташаhas quotedlast year
    Man is the only creature that consumes without producing
  • Unicorn Loverhas quoted17 days ago
    No animal shall drink alcohol," but there were two words that they had forgotten. Actually the Commandment read: "No animal shall drink alcohol to excess."
  • Мария Маруhas quotedlast year
    a lack of the niceties of classical education carried no shame, provided a man was smart in the things that mattered
  • yashmarihas quoted2 years ago
    part and parcel of Tara
  • Мария Занковскаяhas quotedlast year
    “Land is the only thing in the world that amounts to anything
  • The Khanshas quoted2 years ago
    I wish to Heaven I was married,” she said resentfully as she attacked the yams with loathing. “I’m tired of everlastingly being unnatural and never doing anything I want to do. I’m tired of acting like I don’t eat more than a bird, and walking when I want to run and saying I feel faint after a waltz, when I could dance for two days and never get tired. I’m tired of saying, ‘How wonderful you are!’ to fool men who haven’t got one-half the sense I’ve got, and I’m tired of pretending I don’t know anything, so men can tell me things and feel important while they’re doing it.
  • The Khanshas quoted2 years ago
    Any man who was fool enough to fall for a simper, a faint and an “Oh, how wonderful you are!” wasn’t worth having. But they all seemed to like it.
  • The Khanshas quoted2 years ago
    “I love you, Scarlett, because we are so much alike, renegades, both of us, dear, and selfish rascals. Neither of us cares a rap if the whole world goes to pot, so long as we are safe and comfortable.”
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