David Stuart Davies

David Stuart Davies is a British editor, novelist, playwright, and film historian. He is an expert on Sherlock Holmes, having written four Holmes novels, two plays exploring the darker side of the great detective, and three studies of the stage, film, and TV career of Arthur Conan Doyle’s character.

"When I was at the university in the 70’s, I wanted to do my final dissertation on Conan Doyle. I was told by tutors that Conan Doyle was not important enough of an author for me to write about. But to entertain myself I wrote about Doyle and the films of Sherlock Holmes," Davies said.

David Stuart Davies is a General Editor of Wordsworth’s Mystery and Supernatural series. He is a Baker Street Irregular and a member of the Crime Writers' Association & the Detection Club.

Davies is also one-third of the literary performance group The Mystery Men, alongside Matthew Booth and M. J. Elliott.

David Stuart Davies lives in Huddersfield, UK.

Photo credit: Wordsworth-editions.com
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