Pascal Mercier

Pascal Mercier is the pseudonym of Peter Bieri, a Swiss writer and philosopher.Bieri studied philosophy, English studies and Indian studies in both London and Heidelberg.


Алиса Юрковаhas quotedlast year
the dreary railroad station lamps slid past one after another into the dark.
browniehas quoted2 years ago
Nuestras vidas son los ríos
que van a dar en la mar,
qu ’es el morir

Our lives are rivers, gliding free
to that unfathomed, boundless sea,
the silent grave!

Jorge Manrique
browniehas quoted2 years ago
Cada um de nós é vários, é muitos, é uma prolixidade
de si mesmos. Por isso aquele que despreza o ambiente
não é o mesmo que dele se alegra ou padece. Na vasta
colónia do nosso ser há gente de muitas espécies,
pensando e sentindo diferentemente.

Each of us is several, is many, is a profusion of selves.
So that the self who disdains his surroundings is not the same
as the self who suffers or takes joy in them. In the vast
colony of our being there are many species of people
who think and feel in different ways.

Fernando Pessoa, Livro Do Desassossego
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