G.J. Williams

G.J. Williams is a Welsh author who gained acclaim with her debut novel, The Conjurer's Apprentice (2023), part of the Tudor Rose Murders series.

G.J. Williams was raised in a Welsh-speaking family in England. A rich tapestry of history, adventure, and literature shaped Williams' childhood.

Influenced by her primary teacher, Gerry Williams, she found her creative voice, crafting her first play around the compelling story of Betsy Cadwallader, the Welsh lady renowned for her heroism in Crimea.

Williams earned a psychology doctorate in Scotland, then pursued a career in corporate America, where she developed an interest in the intricacies of the human mind.

This fascination, coupled with her deep-rooted love for medieval history, serves as a cornerstone for her captivating narratives.

The Conjurer's Apprentice, set in 1555 amidst the tumultuous reign of Bloody Mary in England, revolves around the discovery of a young boy's lifeless body in the Thames.

With intricate plotting and a gripping narrative, the novel entangles the lives of Margaretta Morgan and Doctor John Dee as they embark on a treacherous journey to unravel the cryptic clues, unmask the elusive murdering Shepherd, and safeguard Princess Elizabeth from a sinister plot threatening to overthrow the Tudor Dynasty.

Now, Williams has five completed novels rooted in Welsh history, each promising an enthralling journey into the past.

G.J. Williams splits her time between Somerset and London.

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