Zachary Phillips

Zachary Phillips is an Australian poet, mental health advocate, author, and coach. He channels his own experiences with mental struggles, trauma, and the journey to recovery into his roles, catalyzing the transformation of countless individuals from mere survival mode to an enthusiastic embrace of life.

Phillips holds Bachelor's degree in Psychology & Business from Monash University, Australia.

In his debut work, Under The Influence — Reclaiming My Childhood (2016), Zachary unveils fragments of his tumultuous past, skillfully demonstrating the therapeutic powers of writing while also working to erode the societal stigma surrounding trauma and its mental repercussions.

In his second, How To Get Your Sh!t Together (2016), and The Reality Check Podcast, Phillips imparts pragmatic counsel, strategies, and methods for conquering anxiety, defeating depression, navigating past trauma, mastering organization, discovering purpose, and chasing aspirations.

Diverse subjects find a place within his SkillShare video series, encompassing meditation techniques, lucid dreaming, fostering new habits, and nurturing self-assurance.

Within his sessions and courses on Insight Timer, he delves into mindfulness meditation, tranquil breathing, introspection, creative writing, and habit cultivation, and offers sessions for children's meditation.

Beyond his digital advocacy in mental health, Zachary Phillips brings his expertise as a certified educator and personal trainer to the table. In parallel to his online endeavors, he plays an active role as a disability support professional, life coach, and martial arts guide.

Now Zachary Phillips is a qualified school teacher and personal trainer. He currently resides in Melbourne.

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