Carian Cole



Marijahas quotedlast year
“Where to?” he asks after he’s run around the front of the car and climbed behind the wheel. I laugh as he moves the seat back to give his long legs room.


He smiles as he adjusts the rearview mirror. “Anywhere is my favorite place.”
Marijahas quotedlast year
“Okay,” I reply with a soft exhale. “I’ll be here.”

Here. There. Anywhere. None of it matters as long as I get to hear his voice, stare into those cobalt eyes, and feel his lips on mine.
Marijahas quotedlast year
“I don’t know how to love you, Piper,” he says roughly. “But I know I love you a little more every day.”

I turn to look at him with tears brimming in my eyes because his words are masked with so much sadness and regret, my heart hurts.

“Love doesn’t have rules, Blue. The way you love me is perfect. And I love you. That’s all that matters.”


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