Anna-Lou Weatherley

Anna-Lou Weatherley is an English author and award-winning journalist. She mostly writes in the genre of psychological thrillers and adult fiction. Her most recent works is The Housewife's Secret (2023), an intriguing psychological thriller.

Anna-Lou Weatherley was born in Hampshire and raised in London. She began her career as a dancer but shifted to writing after an accident. Weatherley has written extensively for women's magazines such as Grazia, More, Company, and Marie Claire, having served as the editor of J-17 and Smash Hits.

Her transition to fiction writing led to the release of two adult fiction titles, Chelsea Wives (2012), also published as Vengeful Wives in the US) and Wicked Wives. In the UK, both books were published by Avon and in the United States and Canada, by Bookouture.

Weatherley's most notable work, Pleasure Island (2015), is a compelling narrative that intertwines the lives of three celebrity couples invited to a luxurious, seemingly idyllic island by a powerful media mogul.

The book is a thrilling mix of glamour, mystery, and dark secrets, exploring themes of voyeurism, the public's obsession with observation, and the consequences of living life in the public eye. Her writing has been likened to that of Victoria Fox and Tasmina Perry, known for their gripping summer reads.

Anna-Lou Weatherley resides in London with her partner and two children, continuing to captivate readers with her storytelling prowess.

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rosehairyhas quoted2 months ago
take the edge off
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