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  • val ☽has quoted8 months ago
    “That scar is going to drive me insane,” Sirius said through his teeth, gritting them angrily. Remus swallowed nervously, throat bobbing.
    “Make a new one, then.”
    Grey eyes drew back up to his. “What?”
    “Make it yours.” Make me yours.
  • val ☽has quoted8 months ago
    Got all these offers from people in Ukraine and Slovakia.”


  • Katya Mukhinahas quotedlast year
    ‘You will live a much better life if you pursue your passions. People who work on the things that they love usually enjoy life more than everyone else does simply because they are chasing their dreams.’
    Richard Branson
  • Katya Mukhinahas quotedlast year
    Dreams are the fuel for your success. Without them there can never be any meaningful and lasting success in your life.
  • Katya Mukhinahas quotedlast year
    there is always at least one dream linked to their achievements – something that motivated, drove, excited and captivated them.
  • Katya Mukhinahas quotedlast year
    Successful people never forget what they love to do and are passionate about. They quickly learn to follow their own path and to make the right choices, no matter how crazy or unpopular they might appear to others.
  • Katya Mukhinahas quotedlast year
    Put it into action
    Know your own dreams
    What is your dream? What do you really want to achieve? What dreams should you be chasing?
    Make a list using a mixture of words, doodles and pictures. This can help you see connections between your ideas and discover long-forgotten goals and desires. The following questions will help you:
    • As a child what did you love to do and want to become?
    • If money was not an issue, what kind of life and work would you choose to have?
    • What parts of your life today do you really love and want more of?
    • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
    • Which aspects of your friends’ or colleagues’ lives do you look upon with a little envy?
    Optimistically believe in your dreams
    Think about how you will achieve your dreams and observe if your mind starts being fearful and negative.
  • Katya Mukhinahas quotedlast year
    You simply have to find the strength and courage to step forward and start.
  • Katya Mukhinahas quotedlast year
    Create solutions to achieving your dreams
    Knowing how you will achieve your dreams can seem daunting and scary. The remaining 99 chapters in this book will provide you with the tools and solutions you need to remove the fear. The key is to recognize where you are now, where you want to be and explore how to close any gap. It is not easy and I encourage you to enlist the help of those closest to you, ideally aligning your dreams with theirs so that together you can aim to achieve some common dreams.
  • Katya Mukhinahas quotedlast year
    Today, note down all the negatives that are stopping you. It is perfectly normal to fear the worst, to think things are harder than they are. Once you’ve captured all the limiting beliefs, attempt to reframe your thinking by looking for the positives in negative situations. For example, if you have been fired from a job, recognize that this has given you the freedom to seek new opportunities.
    Take a good look at your future plans and dreams and ask yourself what you are most concerned about. Think about the worst that can happen and ask yourself whether that outcome is really likely to occur. Is it a reason to stop you creating the future you desire?
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