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Polina Karpovahas quoted2 years ago
Drive away. You don’t live here anymore.
You are not home free if you are still calling this
place Home. Check your mirrors. Images are closer
than they appear and not as pretty as they seem.
Those rose-colored sunglasses of yours are playing
tricks on your eyes. This nostalgic route is messing
with your heart. That familiar song on the radio
has penetrated your mind.
Polina Karpovahas quoted2 years ago
had become accustomed


Polina Karpovahas quoted2 years ago
You always want the fondness
of the remember-whens
to outnumber the might-have-beens.
You want more years, more months,
more weeks, more days,
more minutes, and more seconds.
You want the happily ever after
you always thought you deserved,
but the only thing actually promised
in this life is uncertainty.


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