Michael Sirois

Michael Sirois was reading by the age of four, and writing stories by the third grade. In high school he fell in love with acting, and added that to his repertoire. After college, armed with English and Drama degrees, he taught writing, drama, and technology in the middle school trenches for two decades, but continued to act and write. One of his stories, Loonie Louie, placed in the top hundred of the 1989 Writer's Digest Short Story contest. The 1990's saw his one-act play, Baum in Limbo, produced in Houston. His screenplay, An Ordinary Day, survived the first round of cuts in the 2005 season of Project Greenlight, beating out over 5,000 other scripts. An excerpt from his first novel, If a Butterfly, was featured in Rice University's 2006 Writer's Gallery. If a Butterfly is slated to be published in mid-2015 in two parts. After running educational outreach programs at Rice University for an additional seven years, Michael retired, and lives with his wife, Minay, in a suburb of Houston, where he is hard at work on a fourth novel, The Hawthorn's Sting (another thriller), and a mystery/thriller, Murder Between Friends, hoping to have a first draft of it by late-2015. Ideas for a few more are also floating around in that scary place called his brain. Stay tuned.



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