John Lawson

Mr. Lawson has a checkered past and was briefly arrested for involvement in a street gang in his youth, as well as having mafia ties. After serving two years in juvenile detention and developing several drug addictions along the way, he enlisted into the armed forces and was stationed on an army base in Guam for five years, where he was forced to come clean from his drug habits. Returning to the states, he used his G.I. bill towards a BS in Molecular Biology with a dual minor in Economics and Chemistry from Michigan State. He went on to a dual Masters from the U of Chicago. He briefly attended Harvard medical, dropping out to pursue a PhD in the molecular sciences at Caltech for which he likewise dropped after one year to pursue film writing. He met wife, Glory, a former Miss Nebraska finalist and part time model while in Hollywood. When his screenwriting career failed to launch, the couple moved to NYC where John spent the next ten years working as an investment banker, retiring just prior to the collapse of Bear Sterns. The author now lives in Pasadena with his wife. They have three daughters and three sons. He enjoys piloting, golf, skiing, tennis, rugby, cards, cigars, travel, and is an avid motorcycle and car enthusiast. His favorite past time is hiking with his wife in the woods in the hopes of discovering new intimate locales. Zed Kappa Status is his first novel. He is currently seeking representation as well.
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