Annie Deeter

Annie Deeter is a self-acknowledged foodie who loves to cook, grow gardens and feed people. In this book she turns her focus to healthy grassfed beef in an attempt to share her knowledge and break down some of the myths that surround beef in our modern times. "Not everyone is, or should be a meat eater; but for those of us who are, healthy meat is a requirement. Healthy in this day and age means grassfed pastured beef and learning to cook it well is a huge part of being able to take advantage of it as a healthy food choice." Growing up in a family of cooks and raising some great cooks in her own family, Annie has come to understand, appreciate and value the power of really great cooking. It uplifts the body, mind and spirit and puts excellent nutrition at the head of the table, where it belongs. Annie's children are grown and only visit now, "but when they do, we cook!" she says. "I think this defines who we are more than almost anything else we do. Because this is what we do for the joy, and the community and the love of it."


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