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For most plants, you will want to keep the pH around 6.0 to 6.5
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Carbon—this takes up over 50 percent of the composition of your plant. Chlorophyll is the best way for your plant to get ahold of this and the sugars that come from chlorophyll is important as well.
Hydrogen—this one is good for helping the roots absorb the nutrients that it needs. In most cases, you will see that the plant will get its hydrogen from the water you provide.
Oxygen—this helps the plant go through respiration so it can grow through the process of creating starches and sugars.
Nitrogen—the nitrogen is able to create chlorophyll and amino acids that help to manufacture the sugars it needs to grow
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Calcium—this one is great for helping the plant create more cell walls. If there isn’t enough of this in your plant, it could have a slowing down of growth.
Sulfur—this nutrient helps the plant to synthesize proteins.
Iron—this one is good for sugar creation as well as chlorophyll development.
Magnesium—this one helps with creating enzymes and chlorophyll that help keep the plant strong. If your plant doesn’t get enough of this, the leaves could start to yellow.
Boron—this one works hand in hand with calcium to make more cell walls. Too little of boron in the plant diet could result in some week stems
Manganese—creates oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. This one can also cause yellow leaves if not properly taken into the plant.
Zinc—zinc is really important to the plant because it helps with nitrogen, chlorophyll and respiration metabolism. If your plant has smaller leaves, it is probably short on zinc.
Copper—this nutrients helps with photosynthesis, respiration, and enzyme activation. Yellow and pale leaves are common in plants that are short on this nutrient


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