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Nicolás Torreshas quoted3 months ago
Through these interviews, Pollan writes that humans seem to thrive when they feel a connection to something greater than themselves
erinaekaterinahas quotedlast year
She spied on her employees by ordering her assistants to know what others say about her on Facebook. Her delusions led her to say that Theranos made the most important product ever built for humanity. She admired Steve Jobs and followed his dressing style, wearing black turtlenecks to work. She read Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson and implemented his management style described in the book. Her second-in-command Sunny Balwani, who is also her boyfriend, is described as equally controlling. He told employees to leave the company if they feel like questioning their management decisions. He monitored the employees’ number of hours worked and closely watched their whereabouts. He was known to have given copies of the book The Alchemist to Theranos workforce.
Yuliya Baltachevahas quotedlast year
the best way to explain mistakes to an employee is through telling him that his mistake is not because of his personality flaw
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