Alex Gough

Alex Gough is a British author known for his Roman historical fiction. An avid reader of multiple genres, including thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy, Gough has a particular interest in historical fiction. He is the creator of the Carbo Series and The Imperial Assassin Series and runs the blog

Since he was a child, Gough has been fascinated with Ancient Roman history. His Carbo Series, which includes Watchmen of Rome, Bandits of Rome, Killer of Rome, and the short story collection Carbo and the Thief, reflects extensive research into the underclasses of Ancient Rome.

His second series, The Imperial Assassin, is set during the reign of the Severan dynasty. He describes this period as "a very under-explored period of Roman history," which allows him to blend historical fact with fictional narrative. His latest series explores Mark Antony's life, presenting him as an all-around superhero who acts as a warrior, commander, politician, and lover.

In addition to writing, Gough engages with his readers through his blog and various interviews. Gough explains, "I have a rule that if the story conflicts with known historical facts, then it's the story that has to give. That's my rule, and I know for a lot of historical novelists, the story comes first."

Gough's writing often navigates the delicate balance between historical research and storytelling. He points out that while some historical fiction novels, like those by Colleen McCullough, focus on highly accurate depictions of historical events, his work in The Imperial Assassin series allows for more creative freedom due to the lack of extensive archaeological evidence of the time.

"One of the nice things about writing in the time of Caracalla is that there's little archaeological evidence," Gough says.

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