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V.E. Schwab

  • Keels <3has quotedlast year
    Grey for the magic-less city.

    Red, for the healthy empire.

    White, for the starving world.
  • kiriakieirinispanouhas quotedlast month
    traveled, someone invariably told him that he smelled like freshly cut
  • kiriakieirinispanouhas quotedlast month
    that he smelled like freshly cut flowers. Some said tulips. Others stargazers. Chrysanthemums. Peonies. To the king of England, it was always roses.
  • kiriakieirinispanouhas quotedlast month
    He could smell Grey London (smoke) and White London (blood), but to him, Red London simply smelled like home.
  • kiriakieirinispanouhas quoted18 days ago
    “A coin is a coin, Your Majesty.”
  • kiriakieirinispanouhas quoted18 days ago
    Not so and you know it,” grumbled the old king. “Turn out your pockets.”

    Kell sighed. “You’ll get me in trouble.”

    “Come, come,” said the king. “Our little secret.”
  • kiriakieirinispanouhas quoted17 days ago
    Magic made things simple.
  • kiriakieirinispanouhas quoted17 days ago
    Is it true?” the Enthusiast persisted. “What they say?”

    “Depends on who’s talking,” said Kell, closing the box, sliding the lid and clasp back into place, “and what’s being said.” He had done this dance a hundred times. Out of the corner of his blue eye he watched the man’s lips choreograph his next move. If he’d been a Collector, Kell might have cut him some slack, but men who waded into waters claiming they could swim should not need a raft.

    “That you bring things,” said the Enthusiast, eyes darting around the tavern. “Things from other places.”

    Kell took a sip of his drink, and the Enthusiast took his silence for assent.

    “I suppose I should introduce myself,” the man went on. “Edward Archibald Tuttle, the third. But I go by Ned.” Kell raised a brow. The young Enthusiast was obviously waiting for him to respond with an introduction of his own, but as the man clearly already had a notion
  • kiriakieirinispanouhas quoted17 days ago
    Kell it felt like more, like a friend, like family. It was, after all, a part of him (much more than it was a part of most) and he couldn’t help feeling like it knew what he was saying, what he was feeling, not only when he summoned it, but always, in every heartbeat and every breath.
  • kiriakieirinispanouhas quoted17 days ago
    He was, after all, Antari.
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