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Jelena Ranđelovićhas quotedlast year
The cancer had taken her eyeballs, yet she saw the world with more clarity than ever before.
Arseny Bessmertnykhhas quotedlast year
seems a very apposite product for its time: brought about by a blend of art, science, discovery, and human curiosity, just the kind of refreshment needed by the Renaissance brain on full alert to process the breakthroughs, inventions, creativity, and paradigm shifts of the era.
Елена Захарьеваhas quoted6 months ago
The Welsh say, “She is casting rain,” not “it is raining,” and in Pwyll’s day men still knew why. Rain and sun, crops and the wombs of beasts and women, all were ruled by that old, mysterious Goddess from whose own womb all things had come in the beginning. The wild places were Hers, and the wild things were Her children.
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