Jonathan Knight

Jonathan Knight is a beer brewing expert with over 15 years' experience in the art. He knows about everything from how to use yeast the right way, how to cover your fermenting beer to get the best results and taste whether or not to use an airlock and more importantly which process is the best and most safe process that you can use to get the best tasting beer right from the comfort of your home. It's not every day that an expert like Jonathan Knight the right way to soak malted barley and use malt sugars, learn what Hops are and how this is essential to the process, when exactly to begin fermentation and how you can boost the taste of your beer by using some neat tricks that many people don't know about. While Jonathan may not cover all these facts in the Beginners Guide he gives a solid foundation from what he has learnt over the last decade and more in beer brewing. Jonathan Knight was born in New York and grew up in the moonshine State of Virginia and learned how to brew beer and make moonshine form the best in the business. He still makes his own moonshine and beer for his family and his friends even to this day.


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