Trista Mateer

Trista Mateer is an American visual artist, poet, and writer. She is the author of multiple poetry collections, including Goodreads Choice Award winner The Dogs I Have Kissed (2015), the bestselling anthology Aphrodite Made Me Do It (2019), and her YA poetry debut When the Stars Wrote Back (2020).

Trista Mateer was born in Westminster, Maryland. According to her official website, she began putting words on paper at twelve and never found a good enough reason to stop.

Mateer rose to prominence in the contemporary poetry world in 2013, captivating audiences with her eponymous Tumblr blog, where she shared her original works. Through her talent, she soon became a viral sensation, with her poems attracting a substantial following and her handcrafted chapbooks gaining widespread popularity.

Her passion for poetry bore fruit in 2015 when she won the Goodreads Choice Award for her self-published masterpiece, The Dogs I Have Kissed.

Next year, Mateer joined forces with Central Avenue Publishing to re-release her debut poetry collection. In 2019, her illustrated full-color anthology, Aphrodite Made Me Do It, received critical acclaim.

Mateer then started work with RandomHouse Children's to release her young adult poetry debut, When the Stars Wrote Back.

In May of 2021, Mateer released a new collection: girl, isolated. Inspired by feelings of loneliness and despair, this compilation was written entirely during the lockdown.

Continuing the Myth & Magick series, her latest poetry collection, Artemis Made Me Do It, came out in 2022.

Trista Mateer currently resides in South Carolina.

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Allejane_1321has quotedlast year
Coming Home
It took me too long

to realize it was


romantic(, tender, or healthy)

to love someone else

more than I loved

Lucy E. Cosmehas quoted2 years ago
For the One Who Loved My Hands

More than Anything Else

You saw only what you wanted to.

There were flowers blooming between my teeth,

promises wrapped around my hips,

handstands in the gangly corners of me.

There were blades in my hands.

I was carving my name into your side

and you were calling me soft,

calling me gentle.

I do not think you were paying attention.
Lucy E. Cosmehas quoted2 years ago
Texts I Shouldn’t Have Sent to My Ex:

can we say goodbye again? i miss the way you rip me open.


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