Florence Keith-Roach



Irènehas quoted2 years ago
t’s just I have started to be a bit reticent about the whole, taking-charge thing, lately. Because, well, various ex-boyfriends have told me, after we broke up, that my overwhelming enthusiasm and passion at the beginning of our relationship sort of well, overwhelmed them and blinded them to the fact that we, in fact, had nothing in common.
Irènehas quoted2 years ago
Yeah and so it’s sort of made me rethink my ideas about the breaking-down of gender roles, cos even though I am empowered to chase a guy, and time is of the essence and all, it usually leads me to be with insecure fuck-ups who suck me dry like a vampire.
Irènehas quoted2 years ago
Yeah, but I am also really impatient and impulsive so ahhhhhhh, I’ll just message him now.
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