Elaine Chiew

Elaine Chiew is a fiction writer and visual arts researcher. Before embarking on her writing and research career, Chiew was a corporate securities lawyer in New York, Hong Kong, and London.

Elaine Chiew transitioned to the arts, earning an MA in Asian Art History from LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore. Chiew has contributed significantly to the arts as a Research Officer and Asia Curator.

In 2017, Chiew served as Writer-in-Residence at SOTA Singapore, and in 2021, she received a research grant from the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and LASALLE School of the Arts.

Her notable work, The Heartsick Diaspora, published by Penguin SEA in 2019 and Myriad Editions UK in 2020, delves into the intricate lives of the diaspora across London, New York, and Singapore.

This collection has earned recommendations from The Guardian, The Straits Times Singapore, BookRiot, and Esquire SG. It also received a Special Mention at the UK Saboteur Awards and garnered positive reviews in multiple countries.

"The Heartsick Diaspora" comprises stories rich in cultural nuance and emotional depth, exploring the challenges and complexities of cultural identity. Chiew's characters navigate their divided selves with wit and resilience, from a group of writers wrestling with their cultural bonds to a woman channelling her frustrations into rap.

Beyond her literary achievements, Chiew has also edited Cooked Up: Food Fiction From Around the World (2015) and twice won the Bridport Short Story Competition. In addition to appearing in various anthologies and on platforms such as BBC Radio Four, her flash fiction has been recognized by Wigleaf Top 50.

Elaine Chiew splits her time between London and Singapore.

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He couldn’t sleep. He lay tossing and turning on his thin pallet inside the mosquito netting. Finally, rising from bed, he picked up a sliver of wood and began whittling. In the past, he used to make miniature animal carvings out of these discarded pieces of wood for fun. To give to Mei. She kept a collection of his miniature carvings on the sill next to her bed; she’d stroke them with her pinky and say that when she had children, she’d give each of them one. ‘You plan to have lots of kids then, huh, since there are at least twenty up there?’ How Mei had blushed and laughed. ‘Ge, don’t tease me. I will give half to my future sister-in-law, for her children.’ Then it was his turn to blush and laugh.


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