Mike Lawson

Pen name: M.A LawsonMichael Lawson was raised in Pueblo, Colorado and attended college at Seattle University, receiving a degree in engineering. On leaving college he went to work for the US Navy as a nuclear engineer, spending approximately thirty years working for the Navy's nuclear power program. Some of this time was spent in Washington D.C. but most was spent at a large naval shipyard in Bremerton, Washington.At the shipyard he managed a number of different organizations related to overhauling nuclear powered submarines, cruisers, and aircraft carriers, ending up as a member of the government’s Senior Executive Service and as the top civilian at the shipyard responsible for navy reactor plant work on the West Coast.To date he has published nine books starring Joe DeMarco, a fixer for a corrupt politician: The Inside Ring, The Second Perimeter, House Rules, House Secrets, House Justice, House Divided, House Blood, House Odds, and House Reckoning. He won the Friend of Mystery Award for House Blood and is a four time nominee for the Barry Award).His tenth novel, Rosarito Beach, written under the name M. A. Lawson involving Mexican drug cartels and a super new heroine named Kay Hamilton. It was released in December 2013.He lives in the Pacific Northwest.
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