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P. G. Wodehouse

    b4509076983has quoted2 years ago
    sleuth's eating kippers
    Саша Цезарьhas quotedlast year
    I'm a bit foggy as to what jute is, but it's apparently something the populace is pretty keen on
    Саша Цезарьhas quotedlast year
    the lad with the bulging forehead.
    Саша Цезарьhas quotedlast year
    I boiled down Corky's painful case into a few well-chosen words
    Daria Lytkinhas quoted8 months ago
    Mine not to reason why, as the fellow said.
    Margo Fernandezhas quoted9 months ago
    do dachshunds wear their ears inside out?'
    stoodyhas quotedlast year
    Peri who stood disconsolate at the gate of Eden

    Poem by Thomas Moore

    stoodyhas quotedlast year
    Seeing him steadily and seeing him whole

    Poem by Browning: “to a friend“

    Максим Сметанинhas quoted10 months ago
    elf what the dickens
    trihawkjonhas quoted8 months ago
    And one thing led to another until, by easy stages, they had arrived at the point where she was saying that she didn't know if he was aware of it, but if he didn't knock off starchy foods and do exercises every morning, he would be getting as fat as a pig, and he was talking about this modern habit of girls putting make-up on their faces, of which he had always disapproved. This continued for a while, and then there was a loud pop and the air was full of mangled fragments of their engagement. I'm distracted about it. Thank goodness you've come, Bertie.”
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