Roman Muradov

Roman Muradov is an award-winning author and artist, and a professor at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.



Ирина Осипенкоhas quotedlast year
Luckily for us, such exactitude is only possible in fiction, and the maps we construct in our minds are destined to be imperfect, and therefore unique. These maps can be detailed or abstract; they may not even look like maps by any given standard. When we set out without purpose, our inner cartographers not only draw their own maps; they also come up with a set of tools, symbols, and signs.
Ирина Осипенкоhas quotedlast year
As with other forms of doing nothing, shushing ourselves is borderline impossible, which doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a try: attempting to silence our thoughts can bring out subtler movements, concealed in daily rhythms.
Ирина Осипенкоhas quotedlast year
Approaching a large project in small doses allows plenty of time for structural and conceptual links to pop up on their own, instead of being forced out of the brain with rusty garden pliers.
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