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    Soliloquios Literarioshas quoted2 years ago
    I do not know why she didn’t/couldn’t have children. I know that she adopted me because she wanted a friend (she had none), and because I was like a flare sent out into the world
    Edgar LSLhas quoted2 years ago
    Winston Churchill: ‘We shape our cities, then they shape us
    Kandi Tolentinohas quoted2 years ago
    Sooner or later people are definitely going to give up if you don’t give them back as much as they’re giving you
    shanhas quoted6 months ago
    As it turns out, it was love.
    shanhas quoted6 months ago
    When we were in each other’s arms, I knew something that was beyond words. It was the mystery of being close to someone who is not family.
    shanhas quoted6 months ago
    : Will it happen again?
    Noemi Serraldehas quoted9 months ago
    Growth and the overcoming of obstacles are inscribed on a person’s soul.
    Ofelia Rhas quotedlast year
    To me the “female principle” is, or at least historically has been, basically anarchic
    Isabel P.has quoted2 years ago
    The cancer of time is eating us away. Our heroes have killed themselves, or are killing themselves
    Isabel P.has quoted2 years ago
    The hero, then, is not Time, but Timelessness
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