Sara Ejersbo Frederiksen

Sara Ejersbo is a Danish author and children's books editor. She writes both for kids and for young adults.

Sara Ejersbo Frederiksen was born in Denmark. Frederiksen's passion for books was evident from an early age, writing and illustrating her first book at just six years old. Despite realizing illustrating wasn't her forte, her love for weaving stories just grew.

Her formal education began at Københavns Universitet, where she studied from 2005 to 2011. She graduated with a degree in modern children's and youth literature.

The topic of her thesis, which received the highest grade, delved into trends in modern Danish youth literature. Academic excellence was noted in Frederiksen's systematic, well-formulated analysis.

From 2012 to 2014, Frederiksen honed her craft at Forfatterskolen for Børnelitteratur. These years were transformative, filled with writing exercises, feedback, and encounters with skilled authors. The program significantly influenced her writing and understanding of children's literature.

Professionally, Frederiksen has worn many hats in the literary world. She has worked as an editor, translator, author, and columnist, with a particular focus on children's literature. Her daily role as an editor at Gyldendal allows her to shape the profile of one of Denmark's leading children's book publishers.

Frederiksen's ambition shines through her work, aiming to surprise readers with new classics and the best in various genres for young readers.

She made her literary debut with Zombiekatten (Zombie Cat) in 2012, a part of the publisher's Zoom series. Frederiksen has since written several books, including the fantasy novel Den hvide væbner and multiple volumes in the easy-to-read factual series Jeg læser. She also co-authored Alt om fanfiction, a guidebook for children and young adults.

In addition to her writing, Frederiksen contributes to the literary scene by translating children's and youth literature from Norwegian, Swedish, and English.

Photo credit: www.gyldendal.dk
years of life: 1980 present


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👍Worth reading

Get this book and I think that it's not that interesting but it's not bad I didn't enjoy reading but I liked the girl's personality

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