Susan Brewer

Susan Brewer has been writing for around thirty years. For many years she wrote fiction for various women's magazines, before being asked to write about collectables and antiques. Nowadays, she particularly specialises in post-war dolls, but is interested in many other kinds of small collectables. As well as books, Susan regularly writes for magazines, including 'Best of British'. She is now writing fiction again, in addition to her magazine work and also has more than a passing interest in natural history.

Her books, mostly published by Pen and Sword, include 'Collecting Classic Girl's Toys', 'History of Girls' Comics', 'Classic Playground Games' , 'British Dolls of the 1950s', 'British Dolls of the 1960s', 'Collecting Autographs', 'Famous Character Dolls', 'Tiny Tears and First Love; A Celebration of Two Classic Baby Dolls', 'Mike's Bike'. Recently, a humorous story, 'Nelly's Knickers' was issued in paperback following its Kindle sucess. Another light-hearted novel, 'Birds, Beasts and Ben' was published in both paperback and on Kindle in May 2014. At present she is working on a booklet about Cornish Shallowpool dolls, as well as followups to both Nelly's Knickers and Birds, Beasts and Ben.

In addition to the books mentioned here she is author of a series of booklets, amongst them: 'History of the Christmas Fairy Doll', 'Doll Showcase Discovers Amanda Jane', 'Cleaning and Caring for Dolls', and 'Doll Showcase Discovers Hornby Flower Fairies'. These booklets are available to order through booksellers.

Three collections of Susan's short stories are now available on Kindle: 'Twisty Ends and Tangly Tales' 1, 2 & 3. Also on Kindle is an historical fantasy/romance entitled 'Tintagel Fantasy.'


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