Phil M. Jones

Phil M. Jones is a sales trainer, speaker, and business writer. He is the author of the Exactly book series, with over a million copies sold. Phil M. Jones is best known for his international bestselling book, Exactly What to Say — The Magic Words for Influence and Impact (2017).

He also wrote one children's book, The Magic Of Words (2021).

Phil M. Jones began his career at 14 and has since held leadership positions in sales. He worked with various industries, including real estate, financial services, SaaS, and the Premier League Football Clubs. He was head of retail at FC Leicester City, where Jones helped improve commercial sponsorships and license agreements.

After several years of being one of the most in-demand young UK sales leaders, Phil started his training and consulting business from scratch in 2008.

Since then, Phil M. Jones has written seven bestselling business books and spoken at conferences and events worldwide. According to him, his goal is to help people improve and achieve success.

In 2022, Jones and sales specialist Paul M. Caffrey joined forces to write a book, The Work Before The Work, sharing the secret to becoming a sales professional. This book teaches how to unlock the six essential habits that distinguish regular salespeople from sales superstars.

Phil M. Jones currently lives in New York.

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