Clare Connelly

Clare Connelly is an Australian indie romance author. Since her debut in 2014, she's had multiple bestsellers on the Amazon charts and has over a million digital downloads.

Clare Connelly grew up in a small country town in Australia. Surrounded by rainforests and rickety old timber houses, magic was thick in the air, and stories and storytelling were a huge part of her childhood.

From early life, Clare realized her favorite books were romance stories and read voraciously. Anything from Jane Austen to Georgette Heyer, to Mills & Boon and (more recently) the 50 Shades trilogy, Clare is a romance devotee.

She first turned her hand to penning a novel at fifteen. Long-held wishes for publication led to the release of her first book, The Italian Billionaire's Betrayal, in 2014. Clare self-published the book and had very modest aspirations. So to have it selling — and selling well — from the first day it launched wildly exceeded any expectations.

Then, she self-published over forty single titles and five collections.

​In 2016, Clare Connelly accepted a book deal with Harlequin and now fulfills a life-long dream by writing a romance that sets your soul on fire for the brand that the world trusts with its heart.

She also writes the Cape Hope series for Tule, sweet romances set against a home-spun, small-town America backdrop.

Clare Connelly has a small family and a bungalow near the sea in South Australia.

Photo credit: clareconnelly.co.uk


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they would want you to live your life for them. You should be ringing every moment of delight, and feeling it on their behalf. Make your life a tribute, Thirio, not a torment


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