Alpha Forlag

We publish Danish and foreign fiction, with a preference for authors with high literary quality and a broad appeal, as well as some non-fiction titles that are special to the field.

Alpha is a Danish publishing house with a strong international network owned by Swedish Bonnier Books. Together we have over 100 years of experience with publishers, authors, stories, artists and high ambitions. We want to publish books that hit the reader — in the heart, in existence or the hammock. Ambitious storytellers with something to say, political, ethical, and existential, who are not afraid to entertain, challenge and push the boundaries of literary genres and fiction. Books you can talk about and that have the quality to be told again and again. Our program is selective but diverse.

We have notable Danish debuts that will make people's eyes widen, and foreign names that all book lovers in Denmark can look forward to. We publish more well-known crowd-pleasers and notable personalities, and we will find, cultivate and publish the stars of the future.


Jasmine Foleyhas quoted5 months ago
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Jasmine Foleyhas quoted5 months ago
Ah, perfect timing. Another guy who exploited you for sex. Another failed relationship for the books. Another guy to lower your standards. It’s sad to think that I’d probably cry tears of joy if a man were to give me flowers. Or even just a forehead kiss

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jadenedjarihas quoted4 months ago
This story discusses topics such as eating disorders, body weight, calories, suicide, and other subjects that may be sensitive to some readers. It is important to be aware that these topics can be challenging or triggering for certain
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