Patrick Healy

Patrick Healy, born Dublin, 1955, has been engaged in research, writing and public performances for almost 30 years. His first novella Up in the Air and Down was followed by publications in art and architectural history,monographs on individual artists, and books on the philosphy of science and aesthetics.His performed live reading of Finnegans Wake was described by Robert Anton Wilson as one of the outstanding feats of 20th Century art. Under the direction of Profesor Claude Schaefer in Paris he made specialist research on the work of Max Raphael and German Expressionism.Part of that study included work on Carl Einstein, and the translation of his writings into English. He is currently engaged in research at the Delft School of Design, Delft, and in the Free International University, Amsterdam.He is completing a work entitled The Model and its Architecture for the Delft School of Design, and a Karl Kraus reader for Penguin books, London, which will appear in 2009.He was the first invited participant in the Amsterdam year long Artist in Residence program, and has lived there for most of the last ten years.He participated at the 52nd Venice Biennale during the Eventi Collaterali, and has a volume of poems being published in Amsterdam in the coming months, The Papyrus Dream. He lives and writes in Amsterdam, and contributes to a broad variety of publications and porjects.
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