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Dan May

Red Hot Sauce Book

100 recipes for fiery sauces, marinades and rubs, showcasing the world's most flavoursome chillies.
Arranged by geographical region, from Africa and the Mediterranean, to India, to Southeast Asia, this book is jam-packed with thrilling flavours. This book has something for everyone, with offerings from all around the globe spanning from mild to super spicy. Each recipe is easy to make, very versatile and always comes with a serving suggestion. For example, the African Chermoula is delicious with sardines and mackerel served with roasted veg; The Ultimate Peri-Peri Marinade pairs excellently with chicken and shrimp; the eye-wateringly hot Ethiopian Berbere Paste adds depth and pizzazz to casseroles as well as making an unusual and memorable dip; and the Mediterranean Za'atar Spice Blend is a wonderful addition to hummus or a fresh salad. As well as plenty of short, simple recipes for sauces and marinades, there are bigger recipes for truly impressive and authentic dishes, such as Moroccan tagines, Indian curries and Mexican classics. Find the perfect Guacamole recipe, a Super-Speedy Patatas Bravas Sauce or a Crab, Lime and Scotch Bonnet Sauce. With detailed, authentic information on each region and chilli, this book is perfect for anyone wanting to inject some spice into their kitchen.
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