Breanna J

In the Name of Love 2

It seems like love is the number one thing that we are always fighting for. We’re fighting to find it, fighting to keep, even fighting for the other person to be in it, but one thing is for sure: when it comes to love, nothing is fair or written in stone when it comes to the matters of the heart.

With the revelations and chaos that unfolded in the first installment, Sasha is learning this and more. While life is taking its best shots at her, and Keyz is sitting in jail for a crime she never thought he would commit,  Sasha is forced to learn to fight and fight hard for her sanity, her heart, her life, and the people that she loves the most.

During this fight, she is pushed to see some people and things for what they are and make some much needed adjustments. While some are able to get with the program, others don’t agree with her decisions and actions, whether they’re right for her or not. True colors will be shown and not everyone will make it out alive, and everything they do is in the name of love.
163 printed pages
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