Jack N. Raven

The Permanent Anti-Jealousy Solution – How To Overcome Jealousy In Relationships

This ugly poison of an emotion destroys relationships, be constantly hurt by cold-hearted players, even destroy self-esteem! Just what is “jealousy” and how do we make it disappear?By the end of reading this book, you’ll be leaving with specific tools to achieve exactly that!  By understanding what is jealousy, you’ll be protected against its ill effects while having the power to create this effect on targets! You’ll also catch a glimpse how we get victimized using this powerful emotion.Table of ContentsIntroductionLove and the nature of jealousyDetermine WHY you are specifically jealousLevel of investmentsEmotional investmentsJealousy and egoPrinciple of complianceLeave you hanging-an open loopAnti-jealous setupsPorn couplesSwingersMate swappingExpendableQuestionable loversBackup “sets” used for punishmentsOther meanings of jealousyParanoiaIntuition and gut instinctInsecuritiesProjecting criteriaDirt in her pastU.S.P. (Unique Selling Position)Loopholes in the relationshipNagging and being annoyingManual dischargingConclusion
35 printed pages
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