Elena Ferrante

The Lying Life of Adults

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  • Nadia p.has quoted4 years ago
    . He was convinced that I had returned for that type of betrayal and not for betrayals that were much more ferocious.
  • Nadia p.has quoted4 years ago
    The splendor of a face, enhanced even by kindness, harbored and promised suffering still more than a dull face.
  • Nadia p.has quoted4 years ago
    you looked even just for a moment at those who had the privilege of a beautiful, refined face, you discovered that it hid infernos no different from those expressed by coarse, ugly faces.
  • Nadia p.has quoted4 years ago
    ut there’s a black veil that can drop at any moment. It’s a sudden blindness, you don’t know how to keep your distance, you crash into things.
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