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Howard Lovecraft

The Complete Poetry of H. P. Lovecraft

  • agnesesolfrinihas quoted2 months ago
    I saw the lake’s dull water glow

    Till sunken things appear’d below.

    There shone unnumber’d fathoms down,

    The tow’rs of a forgotten town;

    The tarnish’d domes and mossy walls;

    Weed-tangled spires and empty halls
  • fay sohas quoted10 months ago
    But the horror, set and stable,

    Haunts my soul for evermore
  • fay sohas quoted10 months ago
    The modern world, with all it’s care & pain,
  • srishti sisodiahas quoted10 months ago
    To the Old Pagan Religion
    Olympian gods! How can I let ye go

    And pin my faith to this new Christian creed?

    Can I resign the deities I know

    For him who on a cross for man did bleed?

    How in my weakness can my hopes depend

    On one lone God, though mighty be his pow’r?

    Why can Jove’s host no more assistance lend,

    To soothe my pain, and cheer my troubled hour?

    Are there no Dryads on these wooded mounts

    O’er which I oft in desolation roam?

    Are there no Naiads in these crystal founts?

    Nor Nereids upon the Ocean foam?

    Fast spreads the new; the older faith declines.

    The name of Christ resounds upon the air.

    But my wrack’d soul in solitude repines

    And gives the Gods their last-receivèd pray’r.
  • Nikola Stajichas quotedlast year
    Omnia risus et omnia pulvis et omnia nihil
  • Nikola Stajichas quoted2 years ago
    True bliss, methinks, a man can only find

    In virtuous life, & cultivated mind
  • ninuca beyhas quoted4 years ago
    Are bridges of pure alabaster,
    White bridges all cunningly carven
    With figures of fairies and daemons.
    Here glimmer strange suns and strange planets
  • ninuca beyhas quoted4 years ago
    A faint, veiled sign of continuities
    That outward eyes can never quite descry
  • ninuca beyhas quoted4 years ago
    A tenuous aether, indeterminate,
    Yet linked with all the laws of time and space
  • ninuca beyhas quoted4 years ago
    But now I knew that through the cosmic dome
    Those rays were calling from my far, lost home.
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