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Heather Graham

Come the Morning

The New York Times–bestselling author begins the Graham Clan series with “a swashbuckling tale of warring factions in 12th-century Scotland” (Publishers Weekly).
During a bloody borderland skirmish, thirteen-year-old Waryk de Graham wields his slain father’s sword and vanquishes the Norman enemy. Ten years later, with King Henry I dead and the English succession in chaos, Waryk, the newly knighted Laird Lion, is once again fighting for his Scottish homeland—this time against Normans and Vikings alike. But it is for the heart of one extraordinary woman that the great warrior will wage his fiercest battle.
The daughter of a Gaelic noblewoman and a Viking warlord, proud, independent Lady Mellyora MacAdin of Blue Isle is a formidable swordswoman who yields to no man. When Scotland’s King David decrees that she marry the war-scarred knight Waryk in order to keep the Viking island secure for his kingdom, she defiantly rebels.
Come the Morning is the first novel in Heather Graham’s medieval Scottish series that introduces the Graham clan, Gaelic-speaking Lowlanders who fight with their Highland brethren for the country they love.
This ebook features an illustrated biography of Heather Graham, including rare photos from the author’s personal collection.
Come the Morning is the 1st book in the Graham Clan series, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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