Neil Oliver

Escaping the Experience of Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most psychologically torturous, emotionally traumatising internal experiences a person will ever endure. Presenting itself as a random happening deceiving the person experiencing it into believing they are out of control, unable to escape. With the absence of intellectual understanding it can seem impossible to break free from the psychological torment and emotional trauma manifested through the experience of anxiety. Anxiety is an experience of our own making, it is not a random happening. Escaping the Experience of Anxiety will provide those suffering anxiety the intellectual understanding necessary, and conscious awareness needed to regain a state of psychological control and emotional stability.
Escaping the Experience of Anxiety will help you discipline your mind putting you back in control. You will be guided through the process of eliminating unwanted psychological patterns which are responsible for the emotional trauma associated with fear, worry, doubt and uncertainty. Ultimately you will be given what you need so you are positioned, enabled and empowered to live in the present moment taking responsibility for what has always been fully within your own control.
99 printed pages
Original publication
Neil Oliver


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