Mina Carter

Claiming Her Alien Warrior: Sci-fi Alien Invasion Romance

She must betray his trust to achieve her mission. But fooling an alien warrior comes with a price.
A guest of the Lathar, Jane hasn’t forgotten she’s a hard as nails marine. Tasked with finding a way to beat the technologically-advanced aliens, she needs to find answers for her superiors… before they arm the nukes and doom the human race.
Just one problem. A scarily-sexy alpha male alien warrior with long hair and a sexy growl. He wants her for his mate and time is running out. Both to get the intel she needs, and to stay out of his bed. Because once he gets her there, she knows she’ll never want to leave…
A beautiful stowaway is the last thing he needs, but everything he’s ever wanted.
Karryl has wanted Jane from the moment he saw her. The human soldier is feisty and dangerous, everything he wants in a female. He knows she desires him, but she resists his claim. Called away on a mission into a dangerous part of space, an unexpected stowaway puts a crimp in his plans. Ego says she followed him, sense says she’s a spy. He’ll finish his mission and get her back to the safety of Lathar Prime. He’ll make her body burn in his bed, get the truth out of her… and claim her as his mate.
But no plan survives contact with the enemy. They must contend with a crash landing, a case of amnesia, and an enemy who think it would be better if Karryl took a long walk out of a short airlock…
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Mina Carter
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