Daniel Ford,Paul Cowcher

Your 12 Week Guide to Running

Your 12-week Guide to Running offers an achievable step-by-step guide to help get an unfit person to a definable goal — running a 5km race in 12 weeks. The book outlines how to get started, what's needed and how to make that first step. Then using the week-by-week guide the reader works towards the target goal in very gradual steps with a weekly programme plus basic tips on nutrition, motivation, stretching and so on. The emphasis is on a very gradual approach towards achieving the goal so that the reader feels comfortable and there is constant reaffirmation of achievements as he/she works through the programme. There will also be sections for the reader's own notes, which are important for that all-important feeling of success as he/she works towards the ultimate goal of looking better and feeling fitter.
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    Menna Abu Zahrahas quoted4 months ago
    but remember the goal is to get out of your armchair and finish a 5 km race.
    b9038865096has quoted5 months ago
    Listen to your body. You know when you are feeling good and you know when you are not because your body tells you. Follow the programme and listen to advice but always remember the best guide you will have is your own body.
    Make sure you visualize your success before you have even taken a physical step towards it. Your mind and body work together as a team and your head is the leader so take time to picture your success right away.
    b9038865096has quoted5 months ago
    There is only one thing you should be concentrating on right now and that is to start exercising. Don’t attempt to give up smoking and drinking and start eating salads just yet. You are more likely to give up if you try to change too much at once.
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