Alexandra David-Neel

Magic and Mystery in Tibet

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Seeker, adventurer, pilgrim, and scholar, David-Neel (1868–1969) was the first European woman to explore the once-forbidden city of Lhasa. This memoir offers an objective account of the supernatural events she witnessed during the 1920s among the mystics and hermits of Tibet — including levitation, telepathy, and the ability to walk on water.
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    Milyausha Basharovahas quoted3 years ago
    The "consciousness" of the "I," or according to another definition" the will to live."
    Milyausha Basharovahas quoted3 years ago
    "He who knows how to go about it could live comfortably even in hell," is a very popular saying in Tibet.
    Milyausha Basharovahas quoted3 years ago
    However, in Tibet, as elsewhere, the views of the philosophers are only understood by the elite. The masses, although they repeat the orthodox creed: "all aggregates are impermanent; no 'ego' exists in the person, nor in anything," remain attached to the more simple belief in an undefined entity travelling from world to world, assuming various forms.

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