Kim Hilton

How to Break Sugar Cravings with Nutritional Supplements

Since the emergence of processed foods that actually contain a lot of sugar than soft drinks, the problem of sugar cravings has gotten out of control. This brings about an elevation in the rate of diabetes and obesity in America. Unlike heroin or cocaine, sugar is everywhere and even a child have access to it. So, many people are struggling with sugar addiction and there is no relevant platform that can help them stay above the cravings.

This book has brought to light different ways to recover from sugar cravings by changing your habits and supplementing sugar with other natural sources of sweetness. The cure for sugar addiction have been clearly outlined, and the simple steps that will lead to a progressive change. The aim is to cut down on sugar effectively, and to reduce the chances of developing diabetes and other ailments associated with excessive consumption.

This book is for you who wants to live the healthy life once again!
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