Steven Schuster

Quiet Your Mind

Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of today’s fast paced world? Would you like to live less stressed or anxious?

Stress, anxiety, and endless worrying are mostly the byproduct of unconscious living.
What are the things that make you anxious? Your lifestyle, your prospects for the future, or the shadows of the past?
If you’re desperate to slow down and find inner peace, mindfulness is the solution you’re looking for.
In Quiet Your Mind, bestselling author, Steven Schuster will help you to find back your way to the present moment following a few simple yet powerful principles. They don’t require more than a few minutes of practice daily. Their impact, however, will last long term.

Improve your focus and productivity.

The book will not only show you what are the best practices to find your peace of mind but also will help you transform these practices into daily, automatic habits. The wholeness you’re so keen to find is already within you. Practicing mindfulness is the key to channel those parts of your brain.

Learn to exclude the information clutter you face each day.

•How to stabilize your attention and presence amidst daily activities
How to bring awareness in your life and practice conscious living
•How to shift back to awareness again and again all day
Become more decisive, disciplined, focused and calm

Become aware of the person you truly are.

•Learn how can you “calm your mind”
The best tips to manage your energy
•The scientifically proven benefits of practicing mindfulness
How to overcome your discouraging and negative thoughts
Mindfulness helps you experience a deep feeling of happiness and peace. It seeps into everything you do. You can meet the worst that life throws at you with courage, discipline, and determination. Life will make sense because you’ll be in a bigger control of it.
Stop being the victim of your circumstances, be aware and thus prepared to overcome them.
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