Dominated By Her Kidnappers

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Domination is the name of the game in this groupsex dubcon anthology! These horny virile men are in the mood for some hot sexy fun, and they'll do anything to get what they want! Watch them kidnap and seduce innocent teenage virgins, taking them hard and unprotected in every hole…making them want to be ravished again and again and again!

Hang on tight, because this sizzling three-book anthology will leave you reeling!

Book 1: Corrupted By Her Kidnappers

When gorgeous, sexy Shauna Vanderbraun flies down to Mexico to celebrate her 18th birthday, she’s kidnapped by brigands who believe they’re the last direct descendants of a long-extinct Incan tribe. Will she be taken hard and unprotected on a sacrificial altar by these five horny, virile men? Can she manage to escape being ravaged in their mind-blowing gangbang? Or will she even want to try?

Book 2:  Ravished By Her Kidnappers

Gemini is a homeless teenager trying to survive on the fringes. When all her possessions are stolen, she accepts a meal from three handsome strangers…and all hell breaks loose. In no time at all, she finds herself in the middle of a sizzling no-holds-barred group orgy. Will she lose more than just her innocence as they pound her repeatedly, hard and unprotected, in every hole?

Book 3:  Betrayed By Her Kidnappers

Stacy and Josh thought they were going to have a wonderful weekend when they rented a remote cabin way out in the woods. They never expected to meet three muscular studs with a taste for innocent teen virgins! Now their wildest dreams are about to come true as all three horny studs…and Josh…take Stacy hard, fast, and without any protection!

~~  PG Excerpt From “Ravished By Her Kidnappers” ~~

Gemini’s bitter thoughts scattered when another masculine shape emerged from the darkness, and walked right up to her. “Here,” he said, holding something out. “I brought you a burger.”

The rich scent of it made her mouth water. She knew she should refuse…it wasn’t safe to accept gifts from strangers, was it? But one burger couldn’t hurt, could it?

It was huge, and juicy enough to drip down her fingers. Flavors exploded on her tongue, and filled her with giddy pleasure. She’d never tasted anything quite like it before! Eagerly she bit off another piece, chewed, and swallowed so fast that she almost choked.

He rose suddenly, and offered her a hand. “Come meet my friends,” he urged. “We can at least make sure you have a good meal.”

She wasn’t quite sure what made her clasp his hand. A quick shiver rippled down her spine when his big fingers curled warmly over hers. Normally she avoided physical contact, and couldn’t remember the last time anyone had held her hand so securely. “I really shouldn’t…”

He was already leading her along. Gemini followed in his wake, feeling oddly cut adrift from the beach, the moonlight, even her own body. She seemed to be floating about four inches off the sand. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, though, so she let herself be guided toward the distant campfire without mustering another feeble protest.

The two men rose to greet her, and she found her hand being pumped enthusiastically. Then Dan was pushing a cold soda can into her hand, and Ben was urging her to eat another of those absolutely delicious cheeseburgers.

She gave in with a giddy shrug, and sank down beside them in the cool sand. They seemed nice enough, and it really was very kind of them to share their food with her.

After making sure her plate was loaded with more food than she could possible eat in a whole day, the men turned back to their conversation, enthusiastically debating the merits of sports players she’d never heard of. She didn’t mind. The food they’d prepared was far more interesting…addictive, almost, so delicious that she just couldn’t stop eating.

The rising moon seemed to bob and weave in a curiously seductive rhythm as she chewed, swallowed, chewed some more. Dreamily she gazed into the fire, enjoying its warmth on her face as she finished off the second burger and took a deep gulp of the soda they’d given her. Was it only her imagination, or were the flames pulsing with a life all their own, urging her to join in some primal dance?

Instinctively she swayed in rhythm, then jolted a little when one of the men laid a supportive arm around her shoulders. “Easy there, sweetheart. Don’t fall into the fire.”

“I won’t.” She murmured it a little hazily, but didn’t pull away. The heat of his muscular body felt good against hers. Why hadn’t she ever realized how wonderful a man’s strong hands could feel as they massaged her shoulders in slow, sure strokes? “That feels nice.”

“Good.” Pete leaned a little closer, and murmured in her ear, “You want it to feel even better, don’t you?”
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