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Walter R. Brooks

Freddy the Detective

The delightful detective story about the beloved animal characters on Mr. Bean's farm, whose adventures have entertained so many children. Freddy the Pig, stimulated by reading Sherlock Holmes, sets up in a business as a detective.
223 printed pages
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  • b4580474413shared an impression2 years ago
    💩Utter Crap

    You have to get a subscription to read the whole book


  • b2549333641has quoted4 years ago
    It was hot. When Alice and Emma, the two white ducks, got tired of diving and swimming about in the pond, they climbed out on the bank and looked over toward the house where Mr. Bean, the farmer, lived, and: “Oh!” said Emma, “the house looks as if it was melting. All the straight lines—the roof and the door and the walls—are wiggling. Look, Alice.”
  • minh chau nguyen vuonghas quoted7 months ago
    You didn’t have to be so rough, Jinx,” he complained. “I wasn’t doing any harm
  • i funnyhas quoted10 months ago
    Walter R. Brooks

    Illustrated by Kurt Wiese

    The Overlook Press
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