Arian Wulf

Dangerous Games

Nora Cage hides what she is. It is necessary, and she does it because she wants to survive. Desperation takes her to a pub in the middle of nowhere where she joins a poker game in hopes of winning money she needs to make rent. The last thing she expects to happen is to have her secret discovered by three Alpha werewolves.

She is suddenly caught in a game that she doesn’t know the rules to. She doesn’t know that there’re none.

When the Alphas want something, they take it. And what they want, is Nora Cage.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Lost little human girl in the middle of a wolf's den. Beautiful little thing, hidden under a jacket two sizes too big, gambling more than wise. I have neither seen nor smelled anything more enticing. I have never wanted anyone more than I wanted you, and it was so easy.”

He growls and continues. “How desperate you must be to be in a place like that. What it would take to break you, to earn your trust? It took you too long to notice you should not have joined our game and I thought to myself: it would be so easy to take you and make you mine, splayed across the poker table, your hands interlinked in mine, soft gasps from your lips as I thrust into you,” he drags his fingers over her lips and dips his finger in as if to make a point.

The image fills her mind. She remembers too clearly the smell of alcohol and cigarettes in the air, the texture of velvet of the poker table. It would be easy, she thinks, to succumb to the beautiful man who's helped her. She closes her eyes, feels his calloused fingertips drag over her lush lips. Her lips part slightly.

“How good you would feel beneath me, soft and pliable, so innocent,” he growls. “And it would be the first time anyone's taken you, wouldn't it? Perfect little human, keeping yourself pure just for me,” he growls as he rubs his finger over her teeth. She wants to say it's not true, that the reason why she's never been intimate with anyone is because she doesn't know if she can control her animal. But her mind screams, yes, yes, and please, please, please!

She moans and opens her mouth, taking his finger into her. He presses his finger inwards without hesitation and she closes her lips gently on the digit, wetting it with her tongue. Tentatively, she sucks at it, tastes the green of the fresh vegetable he was cutting and fresh cotton of his own clothes on it. Beneath it all, he is coated with his own scent, musky and deliriously wonderfully. She sucks at it greedily.

She watches in delight as his pupils dilate in pleasure and he dips his finger deeper into her mouth, growling in approval when she sucks harder. She licks the tip with her tongue and feels his body vibrate against her. He is half-hard, pressing against her inner thigh.

“It would be easy to own you,” he says. “The right words at the right time, your knight in shining armour from my brute of a brother.”

He pulls his finger from her mouth with an audible 'pop' and drinks in the look of intoxicated desire in her eyes. He kisses her again and she knows it is meant to be a fleeting kiss because he tries to pull back immediately after.

Without thinking, her fingers wrap in his hair and she pulls him back down, demanding he deepen their kiss. He chuckles into her lips as his hands rests on her hips, large palms warming through the towel.

He pulls back with a jolt. He seems to return to himself, his expression hardening. “But then, I realized it would not be so easy.”
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