Marta Dive

Transfer to the Raw Food Diet for Life: Easily a Without any Harm to Health (New Beginning)

Raw food diet is a diet based on food products which have not undergone the heat treatment. Many people are horrified: how is it possible?! Not eating normal food? The fact is that such food is even more normal than the usual one, and you can easily check this. People who chose this way of eating don’t only die from a lack of nutrients and other valuable substances, but, moreover, live a full life without diseases and early aging.

Did you know that over 99% of our planet inhabitants eat loads of their favorite food and don’t get ill or gain weight? And only a small remaining fraction chokes with any old thing, suffer from various diseases, and cannot imagine their life without medicine. These are people. After all, the other inhabitants of our planet are fed quite naturally, don’t worry about any sorts of diets, doctors and so on, and have the perfect health at the same time.

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