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Air Fryer Cookbook

Make Fried Food Great Again!!!

Get the most out of your Air fryer!

Forget about long, impractical cookbooks! In our new Air Fryer cookbook, we aim for quality! Other cookbooks aim for quantity, and fill up 500+ pages with the same recipes with slight changes. In here, you will get 69 authentic and original recipes that we handpicked as the 69 best recipes.

If you love deep fried food items but hate the fact that there's so much oil in it, then you might want to consider using an air fryer.

An air fryer is the answer to deep fried foods without the use of excessive oil. An air fryer is a revolutionary appliance that cooks food using heated air circulation, this means healthier and tastier food without the use of so much oil.

In this book you will find:

•    69 simple, easy-to-follow recipes
•    Cooking hacks
•    Air Fryer Tips & Tricks
•    12 minutes recipes to save you time & energy
•    And much more!

Air fryers aren't only perfect for healthier meals, it is also great for the environment because the air released from the air fryer is filtered, making the air harmless and odorless!

The Air Fryer uses a new technology called Rapid Air Technology which allows the cooking of any kinds of food that you would otherwise use oil for. This technology works by circulating air to reach high degrees, reaching up to 200 Celsius and this heated air then fries foods such as chips, chicken and fish. This gives you foods that have browned and crisped perfectly but with very little fat. Rapid Air Technology opens up a new era for cooking methods and a whole new generation of cooking appliances.

Whether you're trying to lose weight, improving your cooking skills or simply looking to make delicious and extremely healthy meals – this cookbook is for you!

So do yourself this one favor. Scroll up, Click the buy button, and get your copy today!
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